Frequetly Asked Questions

What is ? is an Artificial Intelligence Asset Management Company that uses the advance software tools to trade in Forex/Crypto market to generate income for our investors.

Who can become your investor?

Any adult can invest, regardless of location, income level or social status.

Is a legally registered company?

Erafx is incorporated in the UK. The company is licensed to carry out commercial transactions around the world.

Which e-currencies do you accept?

We currently accept:PerfectMoney,Payeer,Bitcoin,Ethereum and Litecoin.

How can I withdraw funds?

Login to your account using your username and password and check the Withdraw section.

How do you create profit for your investors?

We make profit with the help Of our AI software, analyze the forex and other investment markets, and based upon those analyses, we generate profitable and adaptive trading portfolios/strategies.

How can I change my e-mail address or password?

Log into your account and click on the "Account Information". You can change your e-mail address and password there.

What if I can't log into my account because I forgot my password?

Click forgot password link, type your username or e-mail and you'll receive your account information.

Can I have more than one account in the project?

A user can create more than one account using the same computer or the same IP address. However, all these accounts must not be used to unscrupulously cheat and earn unfair referral fees. This is a binding condition.

How many times can a user make deposits into their account?

A user can make deposits in his or her account as and when they want. There is no limitation on the number of deposits that a user can make into their account.

How long will it take to activate my deposit?

If you are using any payment system other than bitcoin, your deposit will be instantly activated and it will immediately starts to work, fetching you income. As for bitcoin, in some cases it may take time for the money to be credited in the account. This is due to the transaction verification process in bitcoin. It can take up to 24 hours.

Can I make an additional deposit to HYIP account once it has been opened?

Yes, you can but all transactions are handled separately.

When will I get my first Profit earnings?

Profits are added in your balance every Hour after your deposit was made. 7 days a week. .

How can I change my password?

You can change your password directly from your members area by editing it in your personal profile.

How long does it take to withdraw funds from my account?

All financial transactions in the project (deposits or withdrawals) are made automatically and instantly. But for some reason if you do not get your payment instantly then there must be a tech issue in the system and in that case you should send a message to our mail.

How can I check my account balances?

You can access the account information 24 hours, seven days a week over the Internet.

May I open several accounts in your program?

No. If we find that one member has more than one account, the entire funds will be frozen.

How can I make a spend?

To make a spend you must first become a member of HYIP. Once you are signed up, you can make your first spend. All spends must be made through the Member Area. You can login using the member username and password you received when signup.

I haven’t found an answer to my question. What can I do?

If you have found no answer to your question, contact our online assistant, or our customer support at

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